Understanding Hotel Towel Types before Purchasing


Every time person visits a hotel; they will most likely end up using towels while they are there, in various settings. The most common setting is during bath time. Those establishments that stock up on premium quality towels and linen will be best placed to give their customers a great time. It is therefore important to understand what makes for quality products in this category, with a closer look at towels in particular. This will be a guide next time you go out shopping for your hotel and spa.

Pure Egyptian cotton is regarded as the best in the production of towels that are soft to the touch. Their fibers are longer and make finer threads which can be woven tightly together in 2-ply yarns, to give forth soft, strong, and durable towels. They could be initially expensive but will be cheaper to maintain. Turkish cotton also has long fibers and make very absorbent towels. When out shopping, choose a fiber that suits each occasion accordingly. The practice of buying towels made from a cotton and polyester blend may not be ideal, as they produce durable yet cheap looking items, which could put off potential loyal customers. Visit https://www.towelsnmore.com/bulk-towels/ for more on your options.

You will also need to consider grams per square meter, which shows the weight of a towel. The higher the figure, the heavier the towel, and thus the more absorbent it is. Combing too is a factor, where the production technique of eliminating the short fibers to enable the towel to maintain its shape and form. The more the combing, the more resilient the towel to constant laundering.

Towel size is also an important factor. There are standard sizes for each category, the basic being 50 by 90 cm for hand towels, 70 by 140 cm for bath towels, and 100 by 150 cm for bath sheets. Beach towels are usually about the same size as the bath towel or sheets categories. The difference is in their tougher constitution. The same sizes apply for spa towels.

When laundering towels, it is very important to identify which belong to which category. This can be done easily through the header bars. These are the strips that run across the tops of towels and have a different texture to the rest of the towel. A count of the strips is what differentiates each category, and can thus be used to determine their sizes much faster during the selection and laundering process. Typically, one strip represents hand towels, two for bath towels, and three for larger towels. Each establishment can go ahead and order specific weave patterned towel strips, which makes it easier to differentiate from another establishment’s, in cases where the laundering services are outsourced.

Depending on your establishment’s needs, it should be easier to decide on which towels will suit it. Make your choices wisely. Visit this link to get started.


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